Dear Balboa lovers: MunichBalboa is organizing a wonderful Balboa weekend in June 2019. Anyone who has always wanted to dance on a nice Slow Swing Balboa, can learn or refine it here. And because we can never get enough of Balboa, in contrast, there is an absolute fast track. It is so right down to business. If you already dance Balboa (Intermediate or Advanced), you are right here. Let yourself be inspired! We are looking forward to see you in June 2019!


Patrick Austen (SWE)

Since falling in love with Swing in mid 00’s, Patrick has rummaged through more or less every corner of the world for dance. Today he lives in Stockholm and teaches mainly Balboa. Although competing and performing is a part of his dance-persona, the social floor is, and will be, his definite home turf. 

As a Balboa dancer, the core of it all is dancing to fast tempos. It’s the heartbeat of the dance. But, for Patrick, the personal passion for ”slow” dancing has over the years grown increasingly stronger. And stronger. It’s also a fact all around us, in the dance scenes across the world - more and more students are filling up the dance floors to take Slow Balboa classes. In 2018 only, he ran three well numbered events in Scandinavia.  So what could be more obvious and in time, than to combining the two - Slow and Fast - this weekend?

Elisabeth Bayr (GER)

Elisabeth has been a passionate Balboa dancer for several years and she loves Swing in all its facets. The more musical and rhythmic, the better. She can be seen at almost every Balboa dance event.

In the classroom, Elisabeth attaches great importance to a professional approach and love in details. Dancing should be easily and playful, constantly in relation to the dance partner. There can not be anything better than having fun in the any speed. Fast Balboa dancing brings her feet almost automatically into motion and pleases her heart - Slow Balboa goes into her soul.

Come with us!